Popular Myths About Commercial Demolition That Simply Aren’t True

Many people love a good explosion, but did you know that there’s more to commercial demolition than just stuffing a building with dynamite or TNT? Unlike what you may see in cartoons or movies, demolition in the real world is a lot more precise and calculated than you might realize.

Below, we debunk some of the most common myths and misconceptions about commercial demolition.

Myth 1: Commercial Demolition is Unpredictable and Dangerous

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, commercial demolition companies always make sure buildings or structures topple down in a predictable manner. Whether it’s targeted and precise excavation, or blasting a 30-storey skyscraper, safety is always the most important aspect of every demolition.

In fact, when using explosives, each blast charge used in demolition is placed in such a way that a building collapses in on itself and every charge is set to enough explosive force that no single explosive causes the building to tilt in a different direction.

Commercial Demolition Expert evaluating building

Myth 2: Anyone Can Handle Explosives

Any explosive is dangerous and needs to be handled properly and professionally so that no one comes to any harm. People trained in commercial demolition run through simulations and have to be trained and educated to handle demolishing buildings and structures safely and effectively.

Successful demolitions rarely have large explosions, but instead, lots of tiny little ones that help control the destruction and direction and building will fall in so that the surrounding area (or surrounding buildings) are undamaged.

Myth 3: Commercial Demolition Is Wasteful

While blowing up or taking apart a building piece by piece might seem like there would be a lot of waste just going to landfills, modern demolition commonly focuses on separating waste materials from those that can be recycled. This includes separating metals like steel rebar, aluminum, and other metals to be melted down and recycled, from materials like drywall or concrete (which can also be recycled) from waste materials.

Overall, commercial demolition is a precise business, with a paramount focus on safety and control for every demolition.



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